Level B: Capacitive Touch Sensors

Update: Level B is now available! Click here to learn more.

Can you imagine touching a phone screen and not have it do something like open an app or make a call? Ask your parents and they will tell you of a time, not so long ago when this technology simply didn’t exist.

Imagine how amazed they must have been the first time they touched a phone’s screen and it responded! This is actually relatively recent technology and in Level B we will be working with a basic version of it known as capacitive touch sensors.

In this project, a capacitive touch input is wired into the Raspberry Pi to control whether an LED is on or off. For the sensor to function properly, we need to touch a conductive metal (in this case aluminum foil)—attaching the sensor to something like wood or plastic wouldn’t allow for proper conductivity.

Can you think of some projects where the ability to control the circuit or device could be enhanced by touch-control? In Level B you’ll learn to work with capacative touch sensors and so much more.

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