Level B: Temperature Sensors

Update: Level B is now available! Click here to learn more.
The release of Level B is only a few weeks away! Are you as excited as we are? One of the components we've had a lot of fun with the last few months has been the temperature sensor. 
Temperature sensors can be connected to the Raspberry Pi and set up to output the reading to a display, text message to your phone, to a CSV file (like Excel or Google Sheets), or to tweet out temperature updates on Twitter.
For example, you could set up a temperature sensor in your garage and have the Raspberry Pi send you a text anytime the temperature falls out of a certain range or set it up to simply update you with the temperature every hour, etc. You could also send the data to a CSV file for later analysis. As your skill progress, the analyzed data can be fed back to the Raspberry Pi to make decisions and take actions based on the results (such as tweeting out a temperature update and clothing suggestions on Twitter).
Can you think of some fun ways to use a temperature sensor around your home?
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