Level B: Working with RFID

Update: Level B is now available! Click here to learn more.

Level B will be releasing soon and we are so excited to share this latest update with you! As you may have seen in earlier posts, Level B is focused on teaching you how to use sensors as well as intermediate Python programming.

RFID is a type of sensor and stands for radio frequency identification. A very cool name for a very cool electrical component!

The RFID system consists of two parts. First an RFID chip which can be encoded with specific information. The second piece is the RFID reader which detects the presence of the RFID chip, reads the data, and then can trigger a response based on programming.
You will commonly see this technology used in security systems. For example, many businesses now give employees a card or a key fob encoded with RFID which allows them to enter and exit secure buildings. The RFID chip transmits information to the system such as who the person is and whether they are allowed access to that area.
When used in projects, RFID can be used to detect an event and trigger a particular action. For example, you could monitor your dog while you are away by attaching an RFID chip to your dog's collar and then program the Raspberry Pi to text you every time your dog goes outside using the dog door.
Another option would be to program a treat dispenser to give your dog a treat every time he is standing there. If you decide to build this project, please let your veterinarian know that we did encourage exercise for your dog in the previous example and aren't responsible for the excessive calorie situation. With your newly improved programming skills, it would probably be a good idea to limit how often a treat is dispensed!
What sorts of projects would you use the RFID for?
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