Summer Elective: Robotics at Home


Video Transcript:

Hey moms and dads, it's that time of year. You are winding down our school year, and we're starting to prepare for summer.

And here's the thing, now might actually be a great time to add a fun elective. Something that can get your kids through these last few months of the school year, and then keep them engaged over the summer.

Our open and go lessons and kits teach your kids both electronics and coding. And each lesson teaches directly to the student. So you as a parent, you don't need to teach or prep anything.

Now we start at the very beginning, and we built skills systematically because in the end, our goal is that your kid will know how to work with each electrical component and write each line of code themselves.

If this sounds like something your child would enjoy, check out the link below and we'll give you more information.

Click here for more information: Intro to Robotics: Level A and Level B

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