Why Learn Python?

There is certainly no shortage of coding languages out there and you may be struggling with which one to have your kids focus on. First, let us assure you that learning to code is what is important, which language is chosen is a secondary consideration. But here are a few reasons we have chosen to teach Python as part of our Intro to Robotics course:
  1. Python is currently the fastest growing programming language. This is driven in part by its usefulness in the Data Science field as well as its popularity in many industries. For example, the following companies built their platforms on Python: YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, Yahoo Maps, and many more. While languages come and go with time, Python is likely to have significant staying power making learning it a good long term investment.

  2. Python is particularly accessible to beginners. Python has an intuitive coding style and commands are written in fewer steps than other popular languages such as C++ and Java. In addition, the learning curve is much more gradual than many other coding languages. Python has the additional advantage of being more readable (closer to English) than other languages. If your child chooses to code long term, there's a significant amount of documentation available which makes it easier to continue to progress to much higher levels, troubleshoot new projects, etc.

  3. The structure of Python makes it easier to learn other popular programming languages such as Ruby and Javascript. It's similar to spoken languages. Have you ever heard someone say that knowing a Latin-based language such as Spanish makes it easier to learn other Latin-based languages such as Italian and French? The same principle applies to coding languages. 

Ready to get started? Click here to order a Level A kit to learn to build circuits and start working in Python.

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