Why Learn to Read Schematics?

An electrical schematic is a drawing that shows how a circuit functions. It includes the electrical requirements for the circuit, all the components (including their specific types), and how they are connected together.
You'll generally encounter a schematic when you are looking at more complex electronics and robotics projects online or if you try to install or repair a piece of electrical equipment. For example:
  • Replacing a part on your clothes dryer.
  • Installing a car stereo.
  • Troubleshooting which component on your favorite blender needs to be replaced.
  • Building a bathroom cleaning robot from plans you found online (if you find plans for this one, let us know!)
Knowing how to read a schematic allows you to safely determine where a problem may be occurring, which component you may need to purchase, and how the circuit should operate once the repair is made.
Reading schematics is an important life skill that can save a great deal of time and money.
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  • WHY LEARN TO READ SCHEMATICS? YES! I do want to learn to read schematics!

  • This is awesome thank you

    ronald williams

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