Why Use Curriculum to Teach Electronics, Programming, and Robotics?

We often hear from parents who would like their children to learn electronics, programming, and robotics but don't know where to start. Generally you have a couple of options:

  1. Buy them a robotics kit on the internet and cross your fingers they figure it out.

    The problem: The kits come with a set of instructions for several projects but once the student completes the projects, they haven't learned a great deal about the components or how to alter the code. Also, most components in the kits aren't interchangeable. So in the end, the student has had fun with the projects but has learned very little and the kit isn't particularly reusable.

    How 42 Electronics is different: Our kits include a complete curriculum with step-by-step lessons on electronics and programming. Our goals are to ensure a student fully understands how to use each component, how to write every single line of code, and has a kit of reusable components to repurpose for new projects they may dream up or find online.

  2. Let them loose on the internet to figure it out.

    The problem: This can work okay if you have a particularly bright and motivated student, but for most people, this is a discouraging way to learn. They will need to review a number of projects and begin to look for patterns in how the code and components are being used. With perseverance, there's a good chance they will figure it out. But it's also quite likely they will burn out and move on to something else before they do.

    How 42 Electronics can help: Most students learn better with systematic instruction. It tends to be more efficient and leave fewer gaps. Our lessons are set up to start at the very beginning and systematically move forward to ensure the student is never frustrated or lost. Using a curriculum to teach electronics, programming, and robotics can help ensure the student receives a full education and is motivated to continue to learn on their own.

Ready to get started? Click here to purchase our Intro to Robotics Level A curriculum kit (Building Circuits and Beginning Programming).

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