Learn to Work with Basic Electronic Components, Use a Raspberry Pi, and Write Common Python Code Commands with this Open-and-Go Course for Homeschool Families

Basic Homeschool Electronics and Coding Online Course with Equipment

Basic Electronics and Coding Homeschool Course

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Level A Final Project Supplies

What You'll Learn

  • Learn to Build Circuits with a Basic Electronic Components Including Breadboards, Resistors, LEDs, Jumper Wires, and Switches
  • Learn to Use a Raspberry Pi
  • Write Common Python Code Commands
  • Control the Electronic Circuits You Build with the Python Code You Write
  • Learn Complementary Skills Including Troubleshooting, Reading Schematics, and Using Common Software Packages (included)

Using This Course

  • 18 Lessons Including 70+ Videos, and 45+ Activities
  • 5-8 Week Course for High School Students
  • One Semester Course for Mature Middle School Students
  • Can be Used with Older Elementary Students Provided an Adult or Sibling is Working Alongside Them
  • Starts at the Beginning and Assumes No Background Knowledge
  • Covers Beginner-Level Python Code Commands
  • Teaches Students to Work with Basic Electronic Components to Build Circuits
Raspberry Pi Breadboard Circuit Including GPIO Header and Wedge, Resistors, and Blue LED
Raspberry Pi Breadboard Electronic Circuit with Pushbutton Switches

Why Choose This Course for Your Homeschool

  • Designed for Families with No Previous Experience
  • Independent Course for Most High School and Older/Mature Middle School Students
  • In-Depth Curriculum Focused on Teaching the How and Why Behind Behind Electronics and Coding
  • Open-and-Go Program Including Video Lessons, Step-by-Step Activities, Quizzes, and More
  • Uses Only Real Electronic Components and Real Code (Python)--No Snap Together Parts or Proprietary Code
  • Equipment Kit Included, No Hunting for Compatible Parts
Home Built Python Robot Sitting on Desk


  • Complete Online Course Includes 72 lessons, 200+ videos, and 200+ activities
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Learn Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Electronics and Coding Skills
  • Use a Raspberry Pi
  • Write Code in Python--the Fastest Growing Computer Language
  • Build a Fully Programmable Mobile Robot at Home

Please note, this course is not currently available. Due to an international shortage of Raspberry Pi's, we are unable to offer this course at this time. The most recent update from the manufacture indicates that shortages will continue well into 2022.We recommend the One Semester Electronics and Coding Course as a replacement. That course contains all of the lessons and equipment taught in this course as well as additional electronic and coding skills.

Need a basic introductory STEM course for your homeschooled middle school or high school student? This electronics and coding course will teach them the basics of building circuits with common electronic components, using a Raspberry Pi, and writing common code commands in Python (the fastest growing computer programming language). This course provides a brief introduction to both electronics and coding by teaching students to control the circuits they build with the code they write line-by-line.

We generally recommend this course as a 5-8 week course for high school students or a one semester course for older/mature middle school students. If using the program with an older elementary student, it is important to move through the course at their pace. For some kids that will be a couple of months, for others it may take a full year to complete the course. The goal should be on preserving their interest and love for electronics and coding so they can pursue these topics in greater depth as they get older.

Unlike other courses, our program dives deep into the how and why behind code and electronics. We don't just tell them what to do, we teach them how and why. Our goal is for your student to learn a valuable set of skills they can use long term to create novel projects using electronic components and basic Python code. We strive to be a stress-free option for homeschooling families.

This complete electronics and coding course includes 18 lessons, 70+ videos, and 45+ activities as well as the equipment kit they'll need to complete the course.

Looking to teach a class? Click here for more information on our classroom sets.

sample videos

Lesson A-3 Sample Lesson Video

Lesson A-15 Sample Lesson Video

Lesson A-18 Sample Activity Video

Preview the Online Classroom Welcome Video

what our users say

“We purchased Level A as a Christmas present for our 13 year old son. After getting everything set up for him I had a hard time convincing him to stop for such mundane things as eating, sleeping, etc! He went through all 18 lessons in approximately a week and gleefully stated "Now I know what I want for my birthday (in February)!" He wants levels B, C, and D. He worked entirely independently and only had one problem with how to correctly connect something. When I contacted the company with his question I received a very prompt, thorough and useful reply. Couldn't be happier!”

By Charlene M.

"My 14 year old son is loving this curriculum and has now decided he wants to be a computer programmer."

By Rysa H.

"As an electronics engineer, I wanted my daughter to have experience with and be comfortable with circuits and eventually make a robot. Like the founders of the company, I tried many different kits on the market and they all lacked the fundamental foundation for understanding. We love the 42Electronics curriculum as it starts from the ground up. Sitting down with the day’s lesson is the highlight of our homeschool day! We can’t wait to get to the more complicated items in the higher levels!"

By Cheryl

lessons + kit to learn electronics, coding, and robotics

Breadboard circuit including speaker and accelerometer
Wifi router powered by relay, electronics circuit, python code on laptop screen
Line following mobile robot, programmed using python code
Breadboard wiring for mobile robot
Raspberry Pi camera mounted on mobile robot

What You'll Receive:

  • Access to the Online Classroom: Lesson Level A including 18 Lessons, 70+ Videos, 45+ Activities, Quizzes, and more
  • Raspberry Pi x1
  • 5 volt Power Supply with AC Adapter x1
  • Raspberry Pi Case x1
  • Micro SD Card with Adapter x1
  • RGB LED x2
  • LEDs x8
  • Breadboard x1
  • Battery Holder with Wires x1
  • Wedge Assembly x1
  • Ribbon Cable x1
  • Jumper Wires
  • Pushbutton Switch x3
  • Resistors 220 Ohm x6
  • Resistors 1,000 Ohm x6
  • Resistors 10,000 Ohm x6

**Please note, purchase of this course does not include a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device

The Male model is wearing a size M. He's 6.2 feet (190 cm) tall, chest circumference 37.7" (96 cm), waist circumference 33.4" (85 cm).
The female model is wearing a size M. She's 5.8 feet (178 cm) tall, chest circumference 34.6" (88 cm), waist circumference 27.16" (69 cm), hip circumference 37.7" (96cm).


Learn Electronics + Coding + Robotics at Home

Side view of robot sitting on desk
Breadboard circuit featuring OLED screen and jumper wires
Front view of mobile robot
Laptop screen with Raspberry Pi camera image displayed using Python code


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