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Thank you for choosing 42 Electronics for learning robotics. We have created this curriculum to teach you or your teen the same way we teach our students: by providing thorough instruction on building electrical circuits, writing computer code in Python, and pulling those two skills together to build mobile electronic devices and write programs to control them (robotics!)

When our own children reached an age where they were ready to dive into electronics, programming, and robotics, we started searching for a great kit to get them started. We were so disappointed with what we found! The kits available often have components and instruction booklets for specific projects but do not have any systematic teaching to understand how components work and interface with each other. Also, there's not much out there for initially learning to integrate circuits with the Raspberry Pi making it difficult to efficiently build skills to tackle the many amazing projects available online. Essentially, if you don't already know what you're doing, the other kits on the market aren't going to do much to improve that situation.

We decided to tackle this project by designing a curriculum written directly to the student which assumes no background in electronics, programming, or robotics by either the adult or teen. We start with the most basic concepts and systematically work our way forward to achieve a thorough understanding.

We realize the thought of learning electronics and programming at home can seem overwhelming--especially if you don't have any sort of background to draw from! Please know we are here to make this a pain-free endeavor and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Eric & Julie

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