Restoring HDMI Video for a Raspberry Pi

Some monitors may not be properly detected by the Raspberry Pi during boot, which can result in no video being displayed by the Pi. Here are the steps required to download and run a simple script that will change a setting to force HDMI video output, even if the Raspberry Pi does not detect a compatible monitor connected to that port:

  1. Open the Terminal window by clicking in the black window icon in the upper-left menu bar. The icon looks like this:
  2. Click inside the new Terminal window and type the following command all as one line:
    curl -fO

    **The O in -fO is a capital O as in output.

  3. Press the Enter key to run the command and a small script file will be downloaded from our Level A GitHub page.

  4. Once the file has downloaded, type the following command, followed by the Enter key:
    sudo bash

    This will run the script and modify one line in a file that controls the HDMI auto-detect functionality of the Raspberry Pi.

  5. You will see a message that /boot/config.txt has been updated. Press the y key followed by the Enter key to reboot your system and apply the change.
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