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"We are so thankful to discover 42Electronics but were skeptical that it would be as advertised. But as I was reading the list below and after doing the first 2 lessons w/my 12 yr old, everything mentioned below is true! (So even I was excited that I could decode a basic schematic!) We really enjoy the circular approach to reviewing and building on the previous lesson and how you guys reiterate the key concepts in the next lesson!" Mom, Virginia


"My teenage son independently worked through Part A in the past few weeks, and really enjoyed it, so I purchased part B yesterday!" Mandie, Arizona


"Our 15 yr old son has been using levels A & B and he is just loving these!!" Christina, Florida


"My kids have really enjoyed seeing what happens when they’ve created a complete circuit. They light up with a feeling of accomplishment. I’ve enjoyed learning alongside them." Deb, West Virginia


"My son is starting college next year, electrical engineering technology will be his major. We are using your curriculum to get a head start on college. He is loving the program. I have to tell him to stop and move on to other school work! He has just a couple lessons left and can’t wait for level B." Rudy, Michigan


"Thank you! My daughter has enjoyed learning step-by-step with curriculum that sets her up for success." Pam, Tennessee


"I purchased Level A for my son, and he loves it! We are only on lesson 2, because of his chemo treatments. However, even though he is on just on  Lesson 2 he has learned quite a few new concepts he didn’t already know. This is his favorite class and wants to complete all of the levels. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to parents to help jumpstart their child’s chosen career path." Kelly, Louisiana 


"We just wanted to let you know that my son is enjoying this program very much. He looks forward to it each time and we find that it has filled the gaps that other programs he has worked with have failed to address.  He’s very much looking forward to Level B!  There is a lot of reading which he doesn’t relish, but he is perfectly capable of reading it and we’ve made a handy little notebook to keep vocabulary words and unfamiliar terms in so it’s been a good experience in early note-taking, too." Roxy, Nebraska


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