Intro to Robotics Level B Curriculum Updates

The following updates have been made to Level B. To download a new copy of the PDF file, please use the link you received in your email at the time you placed your order.

To report a needed change, please click here.

Changes Posted on 10/6/2019

Lesson 7 - Pages 179 & 184 - Image Update Modified keypad images to remove markings near connector as new keypad version does not include any identifying marks. Reworked paragraph below keypad to clarify connections in the absence of markings.


Changes Posted on 10/25/2019

Lesson 17 - Page 499 - Corrections Corrected circuit listed in Materials sections from B-17 to B-16. Changed "RBG LED" to "RGB LED". Minor update - version number not updated


Changes Posted on 11/21/2019 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 13 - Page 381 - Corrections

Corrected P3-37 to P2-37 to reflect connection to 5V power rail.

Lesson 18 - Pages 541, 542, 544, 548, and 557

Swapped switch and echo connections to wedge to eliminate issues with values in causing ultrasonic sensor echo to be read on GPIO21 instead of GPIO16.


Changes Posted on 1/29/2020 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 1 - Page 18 - Clarification

Added note about ls command being short for list to avoid confusion over characters.

Lesson 3 - Page 67 - Corrections

Changed things[2:3] to [2:4] to include the value of 7 in output.

Lesson 3 - Page 69 - Clarification Add note about apostrophe causing problems when string enclosed in single quote.
Lesson 7 - Page 190 - Corrections Changed while end == 0 to while True: in program box.
Lesson 13 - Pages 364, 388, and 390 - Corrections Updates made to text and programs to reflect that obstacle sensor output is high when no object is detected and low when object is detected.
Lesson 14 - Page 409 - Corrections 5V relocation pin in Step #3 changed from C51 to C50.
Lesson 16 - Page 495 - Corrections Changed coordinate in Question #2 from (17,64) to (64,17).
Lesson 18 - Page 555 - Corrections Removed indentation from window = 10 * skill in program box.
Lesson 18 - Page 558 - Corrections Removed extra ) from (cap4)) in while loop for capacitive touch pads.
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