Intro to Circuit Building Classroom Set

Intro to Circuit Building Classroom Set

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Teach basic circuit building skills to your class, co-op, or STEM club.

Intro to Circuit building is designed to teach groups of middle school or high school students how to work with common electrical components and build basic electrical circuits.

Please note, Intro to Circuit Building is designed to be a short introductory course which takes 7-10 hours of classroom time to teach. It is made up of the first 8 lessons of Intro to Robotics Level A and teaches only circuit building skills (working with the Raspberry Pi and learning to write code are not part of the Intro to Circuit Building course). This is a good course for situations where time is limited or students will not have access to computer monitors, etc.

If you are looking for a longer course that will teach circuit building, working with the Raspberry Pi, and writing code in Python, please click here to purchase the Intro to Robotics Level A Classroom Set.


    Ordering Information

    Orders can be placed here on the website or feel free to contact us for a custom quote or to submit a purchase order. The following product information should be used for the purchase order:

    • SKU 313 Intro to Circuit Building Base Bundle (for 5 students)
    • SKU 312 Intro to Circuit Building Extra Student (license and parts kit)
    We recommend including the classroom teacher's email address on the PO so we can set up a download account for the teacher at the time the order is created. This will allow the teacher to access the curriculum without delay. 


    Intro to Circuit Building Classroom Curriculum

    • 140 page curriculum containing 8 step-by-step lessons
    • The curriculum is available as a downloadable PDF only. We do not offer printed copies.
    • The base kit includes licenses and component kits for 5 students. Additional student licenses and kits may be purchased. Please contact us if you wish to purchase >30 extra student licenses and kits.


    Intro to Circuit Building Component Kit

    The base kit includes 5 sets of components. Additional component sets may be purchased.

    • Battery Holder with Wires x1
    • Breadboard x1
    • LEDs x8
    • RGB LED x2
    • Resistors 220 Ohm x6
    • Resistors 1,000 Ohm x6
    • Resistors 10,000 Ohm x6
    • Pushbutton Switch x3
    • Jumper Wires x12

    Please note, all components are ready to use. Any soldering or other critical modifications have been made to each piece of equipment to ensure a student can use the component without issues. Please contact us if replacement components are needed. Part compatibility or required prep work (soldering, etc.) is a potential issue when purchasing components from other sources.

    For each component kit purchased, you will also need two AA batteries (not included).

    Please note, classroom and student licensing is intended for in-person use. While our program can be used for virtual classes, the purchaser of the curriculum is required to maintain control of the curriculum files and is liable for curriculum distribution outside the licensing agreement. Instructors are not allowed to distribute curriculum files to students in a manner that would allow them to distribute them to others.


      Level A Scope and Sequence

      • Learn how electricity and electrical equipment work.
      • Learn to properly use common electrical components that make up circuits including breadboards, batteries, LEDs, resistors, jumper wires, and switches.
      • Build both series and parallel circuits and understand how to use Ohm's Law when designing circuits.
      • Practice systematic troubleshooting techniques including half-splitting.
      • Learn to read schematic drawings.




      Intro to Circuit Building FAQ

      Q. I've never taught electronics. How can I use this program?

      A. We specifically designed this curriculum kits to be used by teachers with no background in electronics. With clear explanations, step-by-step instructions, a complete components kit included, and one-on-one support from our amazing team, we are confident you can successfully teach your class these skills.


      Q. What age is this curriculum appropriate for?

      A. We've designed the program to be used with middle school and high school students. While some users have success using the program with students who are a bit younger, this may require modifying the lessons a bit to only cover the material at a more superficial level. Our program has also been successfully used by adult students.


      Q. How many lessons are in this course and how long does each lesson take?

      A. There are 8 lessons in the Intro to Circuit Building course and each lesson will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. In total, teaching this course requires 7-10 hours of class time. 

      While the first 6 lessons are important for teaching circuit building skills, lessons 7 and 8 (troubleshooting and reading electrical schematics) are optional topics and can be taught at whatever level of coverage and depth fits within the available classroom time.



      Q. What if we have a question or run into a problem?

      A. We are here to help! Click here to contact us and we will help you get back on the right track.

      Also, please head on over to Facebook and join the 42 Electronics User Group. It's a great place for current or perspective users to ask questions, get project ideas, and connect with others using the Intro to Circuit Building program.



      Q. Are the component kits reusable for the next group of students I teach?

      A. Yes! With proper care, the components are non-consumable. In reality some of the more fragile parts (LEDs, resistors, etc.) may need to be replaced over time but those particular parts are inexpensive to replace. Contact us for information on replacement parts so we can help ensure compatibility and help you find a bulk solution if you are teaching large numbers of students.


      Q. How will I receive my order?

      A. The PDF file containing the 140 page curriculum can be downloaded following purchase. Printed copies of the curriculum is not available. Please note, if ordering via PO, it is helpful to have the teacher's email address listed so we can get an account set up for the teacher to download the file. Component kits will be shipped out generally within 7 days of placing your order.

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