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Raspberry Pi Breadboard Circuit Includeing LED, Resistors, Jumper Wires, and the GPIO Header

Lesson A-15:
Nested If Statements & String/Integer Conversion

In this lesson you will continue to use logical statements in your Python code by adding increasingly complex criteria to your if statements by nesting the statements. Then you will learn to work with both strings and integers in your code.

Working with Nested If Statements

Strings vs. Integers

Writing a Python Game Program

Raspberry Pi Breadboard Circuit Including OLED Screen, Piezo Speaker, and Ultrasonic Range Sensor Controlled Using Python Code

Lesson B-13:
Level Shifting &
Infrared Sensors

In this lesson you will learn how to shift the signal level so your Raspberry Pi can work alongside 5V devices. Then you learn how to work with an infrared obstacle sensor and an infrared line sensor.

Signal Level Shifting

Infrared Obstacle Sensors

Infrared Line Sensors

Raspberry Pi Breadboard Circuit Including Amplifier, Speaker, OLED Screen, and Camera Controlled by Python Code

Lesson C-6:
Working with Audio

In this lesson you'll learn to incorporate audio into your Raspberry Pi and Python projects. Concepts taught include how to use an amplifier in your circuit, how to work with the various audio output options, and how to write the code needed for audio functionality.

Adding Audio & Using an Amplifier

Audio Output Hardware

Working with Audio Code Commands

Raspberry Pi Python Mobile Robot with Camera

Lesson D-11:
Robot Motor PWM & Calibration

In this lesson you'll learn to control your robot's motor speed using pulse width modulated signals which allow for moderated speeds in between the 0% and 100% speeds allowed by the Raspberry Pi's high/low digital signals. Moderated speeds are useful for making turns and  following a line course.

Using a Multimeter

Robot Motor PWM & Calibration

Controlling Your Robot via a Webpage

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