Intro to Robotics Level A Curriculum Updates

The following updates have been made to Level A. To download a new copy of the PDF file, please use the link you received in your email at the time you placed your order.

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Changes Posted on 10/1/2019 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 1 - Page 12 - Image Update Modified battery images to clarify position of positive and negative terminals on the battery.
Lesson 2 - Page 30 - Resistor Color Code Text decoding 4-band resistor incorrectly identified black as color for value of 1. Color updated to brown as a 220-ohm resistor should be red, red, brown, gold.
Lesson 4 - Page 67 - Image Update Image did not show both ends of jumper wire D. Image updated to show connections at both ends.
Lesson 5 - Page 74 - Activity Update Activity overview and Activity #1 incorrectly referenced using circuit from Lesson 2 as starting point, but circuit from Lesson 3 was needed. References changed from Lesson 2 to Lesson 3.
Lesson 7 - Page 114 - Incorrect Answer Question 3 in Questions for Understanding changed to "No, it's possible for a component to look perfect on the outside but still fail internally".
Lesson 9 - Page 153 - Activity Update Added note about the possibility of needing to press additional keys during upgrades due to updates in software and license agreements.
Lesson 10 - Page 171 - Image Update Updated Save As image to reflect the current layout of Thonny.
Lesson 18 - Pages 346-350 - Activity #2 Program Update Changed variable name from time to time_total to avoid possible collisions with name of time module that's being imported.
Various Lessons and Pages Fixed broken links to Level A resource page throughout PDF. This change will not affect printed copies.


Changes Posted on 10/14/2019 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 13 - Page 238 - Formatting Update Highlighted print(var ** 6) to identify it as code added for the answer to question 1.
Lesson 14 - Page 250 - Activity Update Added c = a + b to row 5 of question table to match answer on page 251.
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