Intro to Robotics Level A Curriculum Updates

The information on this page, as well as pages linked here, are resources for users who purchased the Intro to Robotics program prior to April 16, 2021, have a PDF copy of the program, and who have not requested access to the online classroom. We will continue to update these pages, as well as maintain the file download area, through December 31, 2021.

If you purchased the program prior to April 16, 2021, please contact us for access to the Online Classroom where the most updated information is always incorporated directly into the lessons. We are happy to set you up with an account.


The following updates have been made to Level A. To download a new copy of the PDF file, please use the link you received in your email at the time you placed your order.

To report a needed change, please click here.

Changes Posted on 2/26/2021 - Version 21057 released with new layout. Page numbering has changed due to new layout so page numbering below will not be applicable to this new version. Please use the link you received in your purchase confirmation email to download the updated version of this level.


Changes Posted on 10/14/2019 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 13 - Page 238 - Formatting Update Highlighted print(var ** 6) to identify it as code added for the answer to question 1.
Lesson 14 - Page 250 - Activity Update Added c = a + b to row 5 of question table to match answer on page 251.


Changes Posted on 10/1/2019 - To download a copy of the pages modified in this update click here.

Lesson 1 - Page 12 - Image Update Modified battery images to clarify position of positive and negative terminals on the battery.
Lesson 2 - Page 30 - Resistor Color Code Text decoding 4-band resistor incorrectly identified black as color for value of 1. Color updated to brown as a 220-ohm resistor should be red, red, brown, gold.
Lesson 4 - Page 67 - Image Update Image did not show both ends of jumper wire D. Image updated to show connections at both ends.
Lesson 5 - Page 74 - Activity Update Activity overview and Activity #1 incorrectly referenced using circuit from Lesson 2 as starting point, but circuit from Lesson 3 was needed. References changed from Lesson 2 to Lesson 3.
Lesson 7 - Page 114 - Incorrect Answer Question 3 in Questions for Understanding changed to "No, it's possible for a component to look perfect on the outside but still fail internally".
Lesson 9 - Page 153 - Activity Update Added note about the possibility of needing to press additional keys during upgrades due to updates in software and license agreements.
Lesson 10 - Page 171 - Image Update Updated Save As image to reflect the current layout of Thonny.
Lesson 18 - Pages 346-350 - Activity #2 Program Update Changed variable name from time to time_total to avoid possible collisions with name of time module that's being imported.
Various Lessons and Pages Fixed broken links to Level A resource page throughout PDF. This change will not affect printed copies.
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