Intro to Robotics Level B Online Course with Equipment

Level B Lessons: Working with Sensors & Intermediate Programming

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Ready to take your electronics and programming skills to the next level?

The Level B self-paced, online course is the second set of lessons we offer. Our program is designed to start at the very beginning and systematically teach you electronics, programming, and then how to combine those skills to build a functional robot. Along the way you'll learn how to use common electrical components, read schematics, troubleshoot, and craft every line of computer code. The online Level B course contains 18 lessons including 65+ videos and 50+ activities.

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Want to purchase all the lesson levels at once (and build a fully functional robot)? Click here to view the Intro to Robotics Complete Online Course.

Sample Lesson Videos

Lesson B-13 Sample Video

Lesson B-5 Sample Activity Video

Lesson B-17 Sample Video

Preview the Online Classroom Welcome Video

Breadboard circuit sitting on static mat

Real Parts + Real Code = Real Skills

  • 65+ Videos, 50+ activities, and an Equipment Kit
  • Learn to Work with Complex Electronic Components Including a Variety of Sensors
  • Continue to Expand Your Coding Knowledge to Include Functions, Advanced List Commands, Logical Operators, While True Loops, Advanced String Techniques, Try/Except/Finally, and Multithreaded Operations
  • Learn to Add an RFID Reader, OLED Screen, I2C Devices, a Keypad, and So Much More to Your Projects
  • Work with Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • Continue to Improve Troubleshooting Skills for Both Electronics and Coding

lessons + kit to learn electronics, coding, and robotics

Breadboard circuit including speaker and accelerometer
Wifi router powered by relay
Line following mobile robot
Breadboard wiring for mobile robot
Raspberry Pi camera on mobile robot
Robot sitting on desk in front of compuer monitor

No Experience Needed

  • Learn to Build Circuits with Common Electrical Components
  • Use a Raspberry Pi
  • Write Code in Python--the Fastest Growing Computer Programming Language
  • Use Your New Skills to Tackle Raspberry Pi + Python Projects You Find Online 

Staying Home? Learn Electronics + Coding

  • Step-by-Step Lessons (we know you've never done this before!)
  • Full Parts Kit so You Can Work with Confidence
  • Self-Paced Lessons Done on Your Schedule
  • Get Your Kids Involved and Learn as a Family
  • Help When You Need It! Our Team is Here to Answer Your Questions and Help Get You Back on Track
Man and boy building line following robot

  • Access to the Online Classroom: Level B Lessons including 65+ videos and 50+ activities
  • 2200uF Capacitor x1
  • 220uF Capacitor x2
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor x1
  • OLED Display x1
  • Temperature Sensor x1
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter x1
  • 10k Potentiometer with Knob x1
  • Phototransistor x1
  • Level Shifting Integrated Circuit x1
  • Infrared Obstacle Sensor x1
  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor x1
  • Infrared Line Sensor x1
  • Jumper Wires (Short Male-to-Male)
  • Jumper Wires (Long Male-to-Male)
  • Jumper Wires (Long Male-to-Female)
  • RFID Tags x2
  • RFID Reader x1
  • 3x4 Matrix Keypad x1
  • Slide Switch x1
  • Piezo Speaker x1

**Please note, purchase of this course does not include a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device

The Male model is wearing a size M. He's 6.2 feet (190 cm) tall, chest circumference 37.7" (96 cm), waist circumference 33.4" (85 cm).
The female model is wearing a size M. She's 5.8 feet (178 cm) tall, chest circumference 34.6" (88 cm), waist circumference 27.16" (69 cm), hip circumference 37.7" (96cm).


“I am halfway through Level B and am very impressed with the excellent quality of electronics instruction! As a retired IT professional and former Computer Science instructor I feel qualified to also evaluate the programming instruction. It is...excellent as well! Both the electronics and programming instruction are easy to follow for students and adults alike and is well-structured in a "one step builds upon another" approach. Highly recommend!”

By Glen S.

"This is an amazing program and although it is reading, it isn't daunting at all. There is short reading and yet it gives thorough information. Plus after every lesson they show you how what you read applies to what you will build."

By Denise

"As an electronics engineer, I wanted my daughter to have experience with and be comfortable with circuits and eventually make a robot. Like the founders of the company, I tried many different kits on the market and they all lacked the fundamental foundation for understanding. We love the 42Electronics curriculum as it starts from the ground up. Sitting down with the day’s lesson is the highlight of our homeschool day! We can’t wait to get to the more complicated items in the higher levels!"

By Cheryl

Learn Electronics + Coding + Robotics at Home

Side view of robot sitting on desk
Breadboard circuit featuring OLED screen and jumper wires
Front view of mobile robot
Laptop screen with Raspberry Pi camera image displayed


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