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Electronics and Coding Complete Course

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Come Learn With Us

Online classroom screen on laptop

54 Self-Paced Lessons

We teach you the how and why behind how each electronic component and line of code. Lessons include 200+ instructional videos.

Hand working on breadboard circuit with servo

150+ Hands-on Projects

Step-by-step activities help you practice your new skills both building circuits and writing code. 

Electronic components next to breadboard circuit

Equipment Kit

Sets you up with 45+ electronic components, all organized and ready to use during the course and for your own projects later on.

Breadboard circuit with speaker and amplifier

Help When You Need It

Our team answers your questions and helps troubleshoot.

Hands holding up breadboard circuit with Raspberry Pi camera

We Make It Easy to Learn

  • 54 Self-paced lessons start at the beginning and systematically teach you to work with electronics and write Python code
  • 200+ Instructional videos show you the how and why behind each electronic component and line of code
  • 150+ Hands-on projects help you practice your new skills
  • An organized equipment kit including 45+ electronic components and a Raspberry Pi to use during the lessons and later on for your own projects
Start Learning

How It Works

1Equipment kit ships to you. High-quality electronic components all organized for you.

2Log in and start learning. Your online classroom account will be ready to go.

3Start working on your own projects. You'll have a core set of skills and equipment.

Raspberry Pi breadboard circuit and assorted electronic components on table next to laptop computer
  • Raspberry Pi Model 3B
  • 5-volt Power Supply with AC Adapter
  • Raspberry Pi Case
  • Micro SD Card with Adapter
  • Wedge Assembly with Ribbon Cable
  • Battery Holder with Wires
  • Breadboard
  • Male-to-Male Jumper Wires
  • Blue LED
  • Pushbutton Switches
  • 220 Ohm Resistors
  • 1,000 Ohm Resistors
  • 10,000 Ohm Resistors
  • 220uf Capacitors
  • 2200uf Capacitor
  • Capacative Touch Sensor
  • OLED Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • 10k Potentiometer
  • Phototransistor
  • Level Shifting Integrated Circuit
  • Infrared Obstacle Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor
  • Infrared Line Sensor
  • Male-to-Female Jumper Wires
  • RFID Reader
  • RFID Tags
  • Piezo Speaker
  • Piezo Speaker
  • Slide Switch
  • 3x4 Matrix Keypad
  • Relay Module
  • Transistors
  • Infrared Remote with Battery
  • Audio Amplifier
  • USB Audio Adapter
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Camera Mount
  • Camera Cable
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Servo Motor
  • Accelerometer
  • Dual-Color LED 18mm
  • Screwdrivers

Please note, purchase of this course does not include a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device.

What Our Users Say

Breadboard circuit with Raspberry Pi camera on green engineering mat

I am halfway through Level B and am very impressed with the excellent quality of electronics instruction! As a retired IT professional and former Computer Science instructor I feel qualified to also evaluate the programming instruction. It is...excellent as well! Both the electronics and programming instruction are easy to follow for students and adults alike and is well-structured in a "one step builds upon another" approach. Highly recommend!


Breadboard circuit with servo

I have always wanted to program a computer to interface with external electronics to do things and this training kit is exactly what I have been looking for. Well written, accurate, and very educational. I highly recommend this kit for adults as well as youngsters who are interested in learning these career building skills!


Breadboard circuit with speaker on grey engineering mat

I am impressed with the content provided for beginners and experienced alike. Its a great start and pace for the beginner, as well as the more experienced whom merely want to learn a new programming language and brush up on the electronic fundamentals. I look forward to each lesson and how it progresses moving forward. I would recommend to anyone interested and look forward to more levels or extra lessons going forward.


Hands working on breadboard circuit sitting next to laptop

I had no electronics experience at the beginning of this course but I appreciate the fact that (1) everything was clear, and (2) it worked as advertised. I now have have a great foundation to delve further into robotics/electronics world. Educational and fun experience.


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Sample Lessons

All lessons are delivered via the online classroom and include video instruction, step-by-step activities, and other materials to support your learning process.

View Sample Lessons
42 Electronics Classroom on Laptop 555x370.jpg__PID:a0633a69-09c6-472f-9c78-00df92da937b

Our Users
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Learn Electronics + Coding With Us

Sample Lesson

RFID Reader Project

In Lesson B-11 you will learn to use an RFID reader in your projects. Once it's installed in your circuit, you will write the code to program the access cards and then you can tie access to other functions in a project such as keeping a data log or activating an alarm.

Breadboard circuit with a few basic components; RFID reader and jumper wires on table
Breadboard circuit on table with RFID reader added to circuit; jumper wires on table beside circuit
RFID breadboard circuit with all electronic components attached; RFID card, RFID tag, and laptop sitting on table next to circuit
Hand holding RFID tag next to RFID reader on breadboard circuit demonstrating how it is used; RFID card and laptop on table next to circuit
Sample Lesson

Raspberry Pi Camera Project

Gather real time data and write programs to react to it. Lesson C-12 will teach you to use a Raspberry Pi camera. In the robotics course, you'll later use those skills to install the camera on the robot and create decision making programs based on what the robot sees.

Breadboard circuit with basic electronic components and GPIO header installed sitting on green engineering mat; Raspberry Pi attached via GPIO cable; camera case, Raspberry Pi camera, and camera cable sitting next to circuit
Green engineering mat on table; sitting on mat is a Raspberry Pi with a camera cable installed; circuit with jumper wires in the background; uninstalled components on table including Raspberry Pi camera, camara case, and SD card
Green engineering mat on table; sitting on mat is a Raspberry Pi with a camera cable installed; circuit with jumper wires in the background; uninstalled components on table including Raspberry Pi camera, camara case, and SD card; Raspberry Pi case is closed and camera cable has been threaded through opening in the case
Green engineering mat on table; Raspberry Pi in clear case sits on mat; camera case has camera cable threaded through it and Raspberry Pi camera is attached to the end of the cable; breadboard circuit with basic components, GPIO ribbon and header, and jumper wires sits in the background
Green engineering mat on table ; hand holds up Raspberry Pi camera in case and attached to camera cable which is attached to a Raspberry Pi in a clear plastic case; the GPIO ribbon and header are attached to a breadboard circuit with basic comonents and jumper wires
Green engineering mat on table; Raspberry Pi camera in case and attached to camera cable sits on mat; in background there is a Raspberry Pi, a GPIO ribbon and header, and a breadboard circuit with basic components and jumper wires

Install and Configure a Robot's Motors

Building a fully mobile and programmable robot means getting those motors installed and calibrated so the robots movements can be accurately controlled. In Lesson D-3 you'll work through installing the motors while building the robot chassis. Later in Lessons D-10 and D-11 you'll learn to work with a motor drive IC, draw on your pulse width modulation skills from a previous lesson, and write the code calibrate the motors.

Robot chassis parts sitting on wood table; parts include upper clear plastic chassis with breadboard; lower clear plastic chassis; two DC motors, one screwdriver; two wheels, one rear caster with ball, and assorted metal hardware
Sitting on wood table, lower clear plastic chassis with one DC motor installed, other DC motor, wheels, upper chassis, hardware, rear caster, screwdriver, and laptop sit on table too
Lower clear plastic chassis sits on table next to laptop with two DC motors and two wheels installed; upper chassis with breadboard, screwdriver, rear caster, and assorted hardware sit on table
Sitting on wood table is a laptop, an upper chassis plate with breadboard, assorted hardware, and screwdriver; the motors, wheels and rear castor have been installed on the lower chassis plate
Partially constructed robot chassis sitting on wood table; includes lower chassis plaste, wheels, DC motors, rear caster, and metal standoffs; on table next to it sits upper chassis plate with breadboard, assorted hardware, screwdriver, and laptop
Completed robot cassis sits on table includes upper and lower chassis, standoffs, DC motors, wheels, rear caster, breadboard on top with jumper wires attached; screwdriver and laptop sit alongside it on a wood table

The Best Way to Learn

Self-Paced Video Lessons

Teach you the how and why behind each electronic component and line of code

Step-by-Step Activities

Help you hone your new skills

High-Quality Equipment Kit

Sets you up with organized components to use both for the course and your own projects later

Help When You Need It

Our team answers your questions

Hands working on breadboard circuit with electronic components and laptop computer on wood table

Beginners Welcome

Not sure where to start on your own projects? Our courses were designed with beginners in mind.

Our courses start with the fundamentals to ensure you have a solid understanding of how every part of a circuit works, how to write each line of code, and how to use a Rapsberry Pi in your projects.

You'll then build on that knowledge systematically lesson-by-lesson to work with increasingly complex components, code, and projects.

Against background of grey wood table, two hands hold up a breadboard circuit including GPIO header, jumper wires, blue LEDs, resistors, and pushbutton switches

Join Thousands of Users!

Our courses make it easy to learn electronics and coding.

Breadboard electronic circuit with switches
Laptop with Python code controlling capacitive touch sensor
User Testimonial: Best Kit/Class Ever!
Breadboard circuit with servo
Breadboard circuit with keypad sitting next to keyboard and monitor
Breadboard circuit with temperature sensor
Breadboard circuit mounted to robot chassis
User testimonial: Great program and excellent customer service
Desk with 42 Electronics website on computer monitor and breadboard circuit on desk
Breadboard circuit with switches, pizeo speaker, and jumper wires
User testimonial: Best way to learn Python
Remote controlling breadboard circuit from laptop
Robot sitting on desk next to keyboard
Breadboard circuit with Raspberry Pi camera
Keyboard, Raspberry Pi connected to breadboard circuit via header and wedge
User testimonial: Presentation was easy to follow
Python coding window open on screen
Breadboard circuit with OLED screen displaying Cheerlights message
User testimonial: Really well done course
Breadboard mounted on robot chassis


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