Level D - Extra Component Kit

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If you are teaching multiple students, it can be useful for each student to have their own component kit. This kit does not include the curriculum. To purchase the full Level D kit plus curriculum, click here.



  • Upper Chassis Plate with Breadboard Attached
  • Lower Chassis Plate
  • Assorted Chassis Hardware
  • Rear Caster Assembly with Ball Bearing Wheel
  • Male-to-Male Jumper Wires
  • Male-to-Female Jumper Wires
  • IR Obstacle Sensor x 2
  • IR Line Sensor x 2
  • Plastic IR Sensor Mounting Hardware
  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor with Plastic Mounting Plate
  • Camera and Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Hardware
  • Raspberry Pi Chassis Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  • Motor Drive Integrated Circuit
  • Small Screwdriver (#2 Phillips)
  • DC Motor with Wires and Mounting Hardware
  • Wheel and Tire Assembly x 2
  • 6xAA Battery Pack with Velcro Mounting Strips
  • 9-Volt to 5-Volt Voltage Regulator
  • Digital Multimeter


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