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Hands holding up a breadboard circuit featuring a Raspberry Pi camera, speaker, audio amplifier, OLED screen, ultrasonic sensor, GPIO header, and a variety of jumper wires

We Make It Easy to Learn

  • Open-and-go courses suitable for older high school students
  • Self-paced video lessons, step-by-step hands-on projects, and an organized equipment kit
  • In-depth lessons focused on the how and why behind electronics and coding
  • Teaches a wide variety of electronic components and Python code commands
  • No previous experience required, lessons start with the fundamentals to build a solid knowledge base
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How It Works

1Pick a course. We offer several courses from basic electronics and coding, to building a robot.

2Equipment kit ships to you. High-quality electronic components all organized for them.

3Log in and start learning. Their online classroom account will be ready to go.

Hand working on a breadboard circuit featuring a Raspberry Pi camera, speaker, audio amplifier, OLED screen, ultrasonic sensor, GPIO header, and a variety of jumper wires; packaged electronic components and laptop are also on the table

No Experience? No Problem.

For Homeschool Parents

All courses are self-paced, open-and-go, and teach directly to the student. Lesson materials include video instruction, step-by-step activities, and an organized, ready-to-use equipment kit. No guess-work or pre-planning needed.

No previous experience required. Most families using our courses do not have a background in electronics, coding, or robotics.

Hands holding breadboard circuit with basic electronic components

For High School Students

Our courses are designed to start with the fundamentals to ensure each student has a solid understanding of how every part of a circuit works, how to write each line of code, and how to use a Rapsberry Pi in their projects.

They'll then build on that knowledge systematically lesson-by-lesson to work with increasingly complex components, code, and projects.

What Homeschooling Families Say

Robot on wood table

At first, I was hesitant to purchase this curriculum. I wasn't sure if this was a good fit for an older teen who has had some robotics experience. I am so thankful we purchased it. Level A filled in the gaps and taught him concepts he never fully understood or was never taught. The curriculum is detailed and easy to understand. He has now completed levels A-D and has enjoyed working with the robot and the Pi. The customer service of 42 Electronics has been amazing! Whenever we had a question or problem, they were super helpful! Thank you so much for creating this program. We would absolutely recommend this program!


Breadboard circuit with speaker on green engineering mat

My 16 year old son loves this course! I've been homeschooling for 13 years and have spent a lot of money on courses and curriculum that just didn't live up to expectations so I wasn't sure what to expect. The videos are very clear and understandable without being oversimplified. The course content is really well thought out and engaging. My son is able to watch the videos and complete the activities independently which he and I both appreciate. He's learned so much already and really looks forward to doing these lessons every day. Thank you so much for making such a high quality course that is appropriate for a high schooler. This course has been worth every penny.


Hand working on breadboard circuit with RFID reader

As an electronics engineer, I wanted my daughter to have experience with and be comfortable with circuits and eventually make a robot. Like the founders of the company, I tried many different kits on the market and they all lacked the fundamental foundation for understanding. We love the 42Electronics curriculum as it starts from the ground up. Sitting down with the day's lesson is the highlight of our homeschool day! We can't wait to get to the more complicated items in the higher levels!


Breadboard circuit on green engineering mat

Our son has always been interested in programming, coding, and robotics. He will tell anyone who will listen that he is going to build robots some day. I am pleased to have found a curriculum that he enjoys and is teaching him the skills he needs to actually be able to build those robots!


Fills a huge void in accessible, working knowledge. Worth every penny and then some. You can not obtain this knowledge at any university. Appropriate for ANYONE at virtually any age seeking knowledge. My son loved it. I am grateful for the knowledge, as well.


I bought this for my High school aged kids. Very well written. They are not through the first kit yet but learning a lot. I like that they program and have a robot to build and test their programs. The kids are on a robotics team but this gives them hands on the whole process.


Breadboard circuit with speaker

So far this is an excellent course and my daughter and I have completed over half the course. Everything is explained at a level that beginners can understand. This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn robotics.


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Learn Electronics + Coding With Us

Sample Lesson

RFID Reader Project

In Lesson B-11 they'll learn to use an RFID reader in their projects. Once it's installed in their circuit, they will write the code to program the access cards and then they can tie access to other functions in a project such as keeping a data log or activating an alarm.

Breadboard circuit with a few basic components; RFID reader and jumper wires on table
Breadboard circuit on table with RFID reader added to circuit; jumper wires on table beside circuit
RFID breadboard circuit with all electronic components attached; RFID card, RFID tag, and laptop sitting on table next to circuit
Hand holding RFID tag next to RFID reader on breadboard circuit demonstrating how it is used; RFID card and laptop on table next to circuit
Sample Lesson

Raspberry Pi Camera Project

Gather real time data and write programs to react to it. Lesson C-12 will teach them to use a Raspberry Pi camera. In the robotics course, they'll later use those skills to install the camera on the robot and create decision making programs based on what the robot sees.

Breadboard circuit with basic electronic components and GPIO header installed sitting on green engineering mat; Raspberry Pi attached via GPIO cable; camera case, Raspberry Pi camera, and camera cable sitting next to circuit
Green engineering mat on table; sitting on mat is a Raspberry Pi with a camera cable installed; circuit with jumper wires in the background; uninstalled components on table including Raspberry Pi camera, camara case, and SD card
Green engineering mat on table; sitting on mat is a Raspberry Pi with a camera cable installed; circuit with jumper wires in the background; uninstalled components on table including Raspberry Pi camera, camara case, and SD card; Raspberry Pi case is closed and camera cable has been threaded through opening in the case
Green engineering mat on table; Raspberry Pi in clear case sits on mat; camera case has camera cable threaded through it and Raspberry Pi camera is attached to the end of the cable; breadboard circuit with basic components, GPIO ribbon and header, and jumper wires sits in the background
Green engineering mat on table ; hand holds up Raspberry Pi camera in case and attached to camera cable which is attached to a Raspberry Pi in a clear plastic case; the GPIO ribbon and header are attached to a breadboard circuit with basic comonents and jumper wires
Green engineering mat on table; Raspberry Pi camera in case and attached to camera cable sits on mat; in background there is a Raspberry Pi, a GPIO ribbon and header, and a breadboard circuit with basic components and jumper wires

Install and Configure a Robot's Motors

Building a fully mobile and programmable robot means getting the motors installed and calibrated so the robot's movements can be accurately controlled. In Lesson D-3 they'll work through installing the motors while building the robot chassis. Later in Lessons D-10 and D-11 they'll learn to work with a motor drive IC, draw on their pulse width modulation knowledge from a previous lesson, and write the code to calibrate the motors.

Robot chassis parts sitting on wood table; parts include upper clear plastic chassis with breadboard; lower clear plastic chassis; two DC motors, one screwdriver; two wheels, one rear caster with ball, and assorted metal hardware
Sitting on wood table, lower clear plastic chassis with one DC motor installed, other DC motor, wheels, upper chassis, hardware, rear caster, screwdriver, and laptop sit on table too
Lower clear plastic chassis sits on table next to laptop with two DC motors and two wheels installed; upper chassis with breadboard, screwdriver, rear caster, and assorted hardware sit on table
Sitting on wood table is a laptop, an upper chassis plate with breadboard, assorted hardware, and screwdriver; the motors, wheels and rear castor have been installed on the lower chassis plate
Partially constructed robot chassis sitting on wood table; includes lower chassis plaste, wheels, DC motors, rear caster, and metal standoffs; on table next to it sits upper chassis plate with breadboard, assorted hardware, screwdriver, and laptop
Completed robot cassis sits on table includes upper and lower chassis, standoffs, DC motors, wheels, rear caster, breadboard on top with jumper wires attached; screwdriver and laptop sit alongside it on a wood table

The Best Way to Learn

Self-Paced Video Lessons

Teach the how and why behind each electronic component and line of code

Step-by-Step Activities

Help practice and refine their new skills

High-Quality Equipment Kit

Sets them up with organized components to use both for the course and their own projects later

Help When You Need It

Our team answers your questions

On grey wood table with white brick background sits a robot alongside a laptop, USB audio connector, jumper wires, temperature sensor, phototransistor, and RFID reader

Join Thousands of Users!

Our courses make it easy to learn electronics and coding.

Breadboard electronic circuit with switches
Laptop with Python code controlling capacitive touch sensor
User Testimonial: Best Kit/Class Ever!
Teen showing off robot he built
Breadboard circuit with keypad sitting next to keyboard and monitor
Breadboard circuit with temperature sensor
Breadboard circuit mounted to robot chassis
User testimonial: Great program and excellent customer service
Desk with 42 Electronics website on computer monitor and breadboard circuit on desk
Breadboard circuit with switches, pizeo speaker, and jumper wires
User testimonial: Best way to learn Python
Remote controlling breadboard circuit from laptop
Robot sitting on desk next to keyboard
Student building breadboard circuit
Keyboard, Raspberry Pi connected to breadboard circuit via header and wedge
User testimonial: Presentation was easy to follow
Python coding window open on screen
Breadboard circuit with OLED screen displaying Cheerlights message
User testimonial: Really well done course
Breadboard mounted on robot chassis


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On wood table two hands work on a breadboard circuit next to a laptop; circuit includes GPIO header and ribbon, piezo speaker, RGB LED, OLED screen, slide switch, ultrasonic sensor, and jumperwires; laptop, phototransistor, and temperature sensor sit next to circuit

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