Building a Level Shifting Circuit

The Raspberry Pi does not have the capability to input or output analog signals using its GPIO pins so in Lesson B-13 we teach you to build a level shifting circuit. The 74LVC245 integrated circuit is an 8-channel level shifter, included in the Level B kit, that is capable of level shifting 8 signals at once.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a small, single-board computer developed in the United Kingdom for the purpose of providing an affordable computer so people all over the world could learn to create computer programs. The Raspberry Pi is a great option for home based electronics and robotics projects.

Raspberry Pi 3B vs. Raspberry Pi 4

Since the 4th level of our program involves building a fully mobile robot, we include a Raspberry Pi 3b in the kit. While the v4 is a newer version, its power and cooling requirements are significant making it quite difficult to use with a battery pack. A robot is a lot less fun if you have to plug it in to run it! 
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