What Will You Learn in the Raspberry Pi + Python Complete Course?

This course is designed to start at the very beginning to systematically teach you to work with electronic components, use a Raspberry Pi, and write Python code. We then move on to teach you to work with increasingly complex electronic components as well as both intermediate and advanced-level Python code commands.

Adding Audio to Your Raspberry Pi Projects

Audio can add another level to a project, whether it's playing audio through the speaker of a Halloween decoration, or playing your own recorded voice through a mobile robot. Lesson C-6 of our Intro to Robotics program will teach you how to use the audio capabilities of the Raspberry Pi.

Adding a Raspberry Pi Camera to Your Robot

In Levels C and D our Intro to Robotics program you will learn to work with a Raspberry Pi camera, connect it to the Raspberry Pi, mount the camera to your robot, and build a VNC server so you can view the live video feed on a web page. This remote view of the area in front of your robot allows you to guide your robot as it goes on adventures.

Using an External Data Feed in Your Projects

In Lesson C-15 you learn about a few of the different web page formats that are used to display data on the internet as well as how to pull a specific value from these types of pages. This data can then be used to trigger behavior in your Python program based on the content you pulled from the web page.

Adding Movement to Projects with Servos

Servos are used in electronic projects and toys to create motion. A servo contains a small motor, some drive circuitry, and multiple gears that increase the amount of work that can be done with the servo. Working with servos is covered in detail in Lesson C-7 of our Intro to Robotics program.

What Will You Learn in Level C?

Building on the skills you learned in Levels A and B, Level C teaches you to write advanced-level Python code and build circuits with complex electrical components including servos, accelerometers, speakers, and many more.
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