Intro to Robotics Program

What Will You Learn in Level A?

Level A starts at the very beginning and systematically teaches you to work with electrical components to build circuits, use a Raspberry Pi, and write common code commands in Python (the fastest growing computer programming language). Level A is perfect for beginners and can be used by adults, high school students, or middle school students.

What Will You Learn in Intro to Robotics Level B?

Level B takes your electronics and coding skills to the next level by teaching you to incorporate a wide variety of sensors into your projects as well as write intermediate-level Python code. Many of the sensors you will learn to use in Level B will be used later in Level D when you construct your own robot.

What Will You Learn in Intro to Robotics Level C?

Building on the skills you learned in Levels A and B, Level C teaches you to write advanced-level Python code and build circuits with complex electrical components including servos, accelerometers, speakers, and many more.

What Will You Learn in Intro to Robotics Level D?

Level D takes all of the electronics, Python coding, and Raspberry Pi skills you learned in Levels A, B, and C and walks you through the process of building a mobile and fully programmable robot.
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