What Will You Learn in the Robotics Course?

Curious what we teach in our Robotics Course? This course is designed to start at the very beginning to systematically teach you to work with electronic components, use a Raspberry Pi, and write Python code. We then teach you to use those skills to build a mobile, programmable robot.

Powering a Mobile Robot

In Lesson D-9, we teach you how to power the robot using on-board batteries, which will enable the robot to be fully mobile. Powering the robot requires 6 AA cell batteries connected in series as well as a voltage regulator to safely connect the battery pack to the Raspberry Pi.

Adding a Raspberry Pi Camera to Your Robot

In Levels C and D our Intro to Robotics program you will learn to work with a Raspberry Pi camera, connect it to the Raspberry Pi, mount the camera to your robot, and build a VNC server so you can view the live video feed on a web page. This remote view of the area in front of your robot allows you to guide your robot as it goes on adventures.

Configuring Line Sensors on Your Robot

Programming a robot to follow a line course involves installing and configuring motors and line sensors and programming the robot to drive each motor based on whether the line is detected. Along the way, you'll need to account for the layout of the course, distance between the sensors and drive wheels, and motor response time.

What Will You Learn in Level D?

Level D takes all of the electronics, Python coding, and Raspberry Pi skills you learned in Levels A, B, and C and walks you through the process of building a mobile and fully programmable robot.
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