Level B: Working with a Matrix-style Keypad

The matrix-style keypad is taught in Intro to Robotics Level B. The keypad can be programmed to accept input th...

What is a Raspberry Pi?

Learn about the amazing Raspberry Pi and why we use it in all our Intro to Robotics kits.

Why Teach Your Kids Python?

Python is one of the fastest growing coding languages and is particularly accessible for beginners. Learning Py...

Projects to Do After Completing Level A

A few projects to work on after completing Level A.

Why Use Curriculum to Teach Electronics, Programming, and Robotics?

Learn why using a curriculum and kit makes so much sense when teaching a student electronics, programming, and robotics.

Why Learn to Read Schematics?

Learn how schematics are used, where you might encounter them, and how learning to read them can save time and money.

Troubleshooting as a Valuable Skill

Troubleshooting is a valuable skill that can save time, money, and is looked for by STEM hiring managers.
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